Why Telugu Movies Have an Immense Love For Entertainment

The South film industry has always produced some of the most entertaining movies, and Telugu movies never disappoint the audience. There are many Telugu movies that have become box office hits as they have been successful in entertaining the audience.

Movies such as the Most-Eligible-Bachelor, 18-Pages and Colour-Photo are some of the best South Indian movies. If you want to watch these movies, you must subscribe to the top OTT sites. In this guide, you will learn more about these Telugu movies.

Entertaining Telugu Movies to Watch

Some of the entertaining Telugu movies that you can choose to watch are as follows :

  • Most Eligible Bachelor

This is one of the most entertaining and latest Telugu movies that you can choose to watch on top OTT sites. The director of this movie is BommarilluBhaskar, and the cast includes AkhilAkkineni, PoojaHegde, EeshaRebba, Faria Abdullah, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Jayaprakash, Pragathi, AmitTiwari, Posani, Getup Srinu, SudigaliSudheer and many more.

The story revolves around a couple, Harsha is a reputed software employee in the US, and he returns to India to search for a bride. Though various proposals were there, he eventually fell for Vibha, who is a stand-up comedian. But things get worse when a small family issue crashes the love story of Harsha. Watch the rest of the story to learn what happens next.

This is one of the best South Indian movies,and this is an entertaining movie to watch. This movie has plenty of romantic scenes, and the lead actors do an amazing job of portraying their roles. If you are looking for an entertaining Telugu movie to watch, Most Eligible Bachelor is a movie you can try.

  • 18 pages

This is another interesting Telugu movie that you can choose to watch on top OTT sites. The director of this movie is Palnati Surya Pratap, and the cast includes Nikhil Siddhartha, AnupamaParameswaran, Dinesh Tej, Ajay, Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmaji, Sarayu Roy and many more.

The movie revolves around Siddhu, an app developer who falls in love with a girl, but the girl cheats on him. This leads Siddhu to depression, and he comes across the diary of a girl and falls in love with her. He tries to meet the girl Nandini, but a big twist awaits him: watch the movie to know what happens next.

This is a brilliant movie and perfectly portrays a guy’s feelings when a girl cheats on her. The scenes are great in this movie, and everything seems so realistic; the actors have done well in portraying their roles. There are plenty of emotional scenes in this movie that will make you feel bad for the guy.

  • Colour Photo

This is another interesting Telugu movie that you can choose to watch on an OTT site such asaha. The director of this Telugu movie is Sandeep Raj, and the cast includes Suhas, ChandiniChowdary, Sunil, Viva Harsha and many more. This is a Telugu movie from which you can learn a lot of things.

The story revolves around Suhas, a dark-skinned guy who falls in love with Deepu but does not reveal his feelings to her. But soon, a college gang assaults him, which leads to his love getting closer to him. Slowly but surely, this friendship turns into love, but this does not sit well with his brother. The remaining part of the story focuses on how the couple solves all their problems.

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